Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Delicious Coffee, Good Service

Peet’s Coffee & Tea offers delicious coffee selections and good service! This is a coffee dream come true! I stop in at Peet’s every chance I get, and often go out of my way just to visit. The seating is limited and often taken up by patrons with laptops or books who are “camped out” for a while. When I am lucky enough to get a seat and table, I am all too happy to sit and enjoy my coffee and the fun atmosphere! The drinks at Peet’s are consistent in quality, the baristas are well trained in making espresso drinks, and the prices are comparable to the prices at other similar establishments. The drinks are absolutely a good value considering that their quality is often better than other comparable coffee establishments.

In addition to enjoying their perfectly prepared bar drinks, I also purchase their beans to use at home (see Iced Coffee at Home Made Easy). I prefer Major Dickason’s Blend. The beans at Peet’s are roasted in small batches, so you have to buy them in small quantities. Keep your beans in a cool, dry place tightly sealed. If you plan to purchase and use your beans regularly, you won’t have any problems, and should find that your beans are tasty and produce quality cups of at-home brewed coffee.

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For consistently delicious coffee, visit Peet’s.





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