Saturday, May 23, 2009

Brew'd Awakening: Lowell, MA

Phew, things have been quite busy lately! I know that I may not have many (or any) regular readers, but I do feel badly that I haven't been adding new reviews or posts lately. Anyway, despite my lack of writing, I have still be testing and tasting coffee. Tonight we happened by a coffeehouse in Lowell, MA. In sort of a weird mood, I got in the car without a destination and ended up in downtown Lowell. I stumbled upon a wonderful little place: Brew'd Awakening.

Brew'd Awakening is a great place with live music on Saturday night. Seating was pretty limited, but that is probably because of its great atmosphere! I usually sample an iced latte when trying a new coffee place, but I was in the mood for brewed coffee. Coffee was good and served in a mug (go green). We also got a smoothie. The smoothie tasted more like milk than strawberries and bananas, but it was a good texture, so we'll try it again and hope for a better flavor balance. The pastries were homemade and tasty. The sandwich menu looks appealing and varied, but I already had dinner tonight so... I would certainly come again and try my typical iced latte. Maybe I'll see you here!

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